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Dress up games are the most popular and very original type of online games in internet world. In this website we have selected the best makeover games, fashion and the clothing games. Our dressing game collection is composed of simulation games, decoration games, celebrity dresup games, role playing and pets games. Some of them having musics or dancing themes inside. You can also print out your design when finished so that you can show your friends your collection.

Online Dress Up Games

Dress up game term refers to a type of game where a character featuring different rules and dressing or clothing items. Most known and preferred dress up games are: Celebrity dress up, fashing shows dress up games, make up games, boy and girl clothing games, pirate dress up, Halloween dress up games, makeover games, decorating house or any place games, hero dress up games etc... In this games you can click on or drag the different accessories or clothes which makes this items appear on the characters. You can modify and create unlimited different models with using this clothing combinations.

Decoration Games

Decoration games are similar to the dressup games. You can use your mouse to click or drag the items and place them to modify your room or house. This will be your own creation and you can screen capture or print out your decoration to show your friends or family members.

Purpose of Dress Up Games

The aim of the Dress up games is mainly fun and entertainment but there is also an educational element of this kind of games. For each dress up game, there is a challenge for kids to learn about items, accessorries, colors, painting. This dress games also helps your kids imagination and creativity. They loved to played also in Birthday parties or family-child activities.

Who can play Dress Up Games?

Mostly dress up games preferred by children, while the grown ups like to play these games as well. If you decide to create a new style of your own, you can first try these games so that you can select the best option or combination for you. There are also accessorries, jewelry and make up options in dress up games that can help you to see before doing this on yourself.

Most Known Types of Dress Up Clothes Games.

Here's a short list for type of dress-up games:

Doctor and Nurse Dres-Up Games.
House and Room Decoration Games.
School Games.
Celebrities DressUp Games.
Tea party games.
Wedding and Bride DressUp.
Pirates Dress up games.
Superheros dresing games.
Kings and Queens dres up games.

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Girl Games

Cute Thanksgiving Dressup icon
Cynthia is getting ready for Thanksgiving! Dress her up for a delicious day of food and family!Instruction: Use your mouse to click the categories and dress up Cynthia!
Mooshka Doll icon
Mooshka doll dress up is a doll dress up game. Mooshka is a fairy in the dolls forest. She wants to get ready for this holiday season to meet her parents returning from their home town. She wants to prove her angel quality by dressing her with perfect costumes and for this she needs your help. You can join with her in the celebration by dressing her with perfect outfits from the wide range of costumes. Do you love to dress up this fairy?
iCarly Dentist icon
iCarly has not been taking good care of her teeth. She need you to be a dentist today.
Night Club Date icon
Night Club Date
Description: This is a snake game of night club date version. You have only one goal that is to help the lady killer pick up more pretty girls! Have fun!
Instruction:Arrow keys to play.
Love Chemistry icon
Measure the love chemistry between your and your crush. Change the names and see who is best for you. Love chemistry is a fun game where you will see the love rating between your partner.
Wearing Flowers icon
Our girl is fond of flowers and today she needs your help to match a nice outfit with her special accessories made from flowers. Have fun!
Teen Car Wash icon
Ken just borrowed Barbies car and made a mess when he return it. Help Barbie clean her car and make some decorations on it too! This is a nice car to clean. If you are a teen girl you will love the barbie convertible.
Pou Love Story icon
This is the Pou Love Story. Pou loves the girl Pou very much. But now Pou need your help as there are so many obstacles between him and the girl Pou. Let's help him solve all puzzle, get together with girl Pou. Create a romantic love story. Have fun!
Instruction:Mouse to play.
Piercing for Elsa Frozen icon
Elsa always wants to do everything her way and now she found a new way to show it. She wants to pierce her ears, nose and belly. She believes that your salon is the safest place to do it, so don't let her down.
 Groovy Green Easy Recipe icon
Here is a very easy recipe to make Groovy Green. It is a tasty and healthy juice. You can get to know the cooking method by following easy steps. This juice is a mixture of banana, apple, spinach leaves, yogurt and grapes, so it can give you refreshment and instant energy. Try this recipe at home with your parental supervision and make them happy.
Rapunzel Eye Doctor icon
Description: Poor Rapunzel suffer from eye problems. Your vision is always blurry and unclear. She needs your help. Detect and disable any problems in her eyes. Help her to bring back the clear vision.Enjoy!.
First Aid for Poisoning icon
Our poor boy is in trouble again! This time he has eaten a plateful of uncooked mushrooms and now is having a terrible stomach ache. Mushrooms can cause serious poisoning, so we must take action now! Call the ambulance and try to help the poor kid.
Cooking Class icon
This cake is a real hoot! Really though…don’t you want this adorable cake for your next birthday?
Back to School icon
Lilly, Ella, Gabby, and Sarah are getting ready to go back to school! Help them gather all their school supplies by matching the images of the items!
Instruction: Use your mouse to click the cards and flip them over. Clear all the matches to move to the next level.
Gigi Grant Goes to School icon
Gigi Grant is the daughter of a genie but she's not trying to pull any fashion tricks out of her bottle. She's got her wardrobe displayed and wants you to be her stylist for her first day back to school. She's still kinda new at Monster High and wants to stand out in the crowd. Should she wear a brightly colored dress or a funky flared skirt? You decide! Have fun playing monster high dress up games!
Baby Lulu Bathing icon
Hi Girls! Meet our new baby character Lulu. She is so cute, isn't she? Lulu needs a perfect bath. First give her a perfect bath. After that clean Lulu and dress up her with nice baby clothes. Have Fun!
 Dora Boots icon
After playing with Dora, Dora was so dirty and want to have a new look as Dora does few months ago. This is the right time to show your facial skills and beautify Boots. After completing facial treatment for Boots, you can make him beauty by giving some really wonderful dresses. Have fun.
Becoming a Princess icon
This cute girl is working on becoming a real princess. She is talking princess classes, how cool is that? Today she must choose a princess outfit from her wardrobe. Help her get dressed and look fabulous! Have fun playing!
Birthday Bash Cake icon
Bring a full swing to your birthday celebrations and just add up to the excitement in air with a cute cake, gift boxes, wrappers et al. Decorate your birthday cake and cut it proudly with your best friends standing around you.

Click on the items scrolling vertically on the screen left and play with all the items. Click done icon to complete the game.
Selena in 2013 icon
Selena Gomez is getting ready to receive her 'Teen choice awards 2013'. She is so pretty but can you make her more beautiful? Join with her in this awesome moment by giving wonderful and perfect costumes for her and have fun.
Tinkerbell icon
Tinker bell is a very cute and lovely fairy. She lives in forest. So her hair and her face gets very dirty. in this cool game you are going to make Tinker Bell a hair care and facial care. After spa section of game you can make up and dress up tinker bell.
Dora Dressing icon
Dora wants to spend her time with by play skipping her friend boots. It is always a fun to play with her friend. You can also join with her in fun by giving some really fantastic costumes her! Have fun
Taylor Swift Salon icon
Taylor Swift Salon is a perfect dress up game. You will select the famous celebrity Taylor Swift and you will have some visitors to visit your Salon. You will dress up your girl, play this amazing dressing game Taylor Swift Salon online and free.
Forest Night icon
Forest Night is an amazing make over game and we hope you like Forest Night flash game online.

GirlsW is proud to announce a new game! We'll be very happy and grateful to see this game live on your website.
Additional to the usual information, a link to a collection of 30+ pre-made thumbs is also available in this email to make it easier for you.
Food Revolution icon
Play Food Revolution game online here. The fries are done and the burgers are hot..that can only mean one's time for the food revolution! Join Gizmo the hungry dinosaur on his epic food quest in this addicting fun game. Gizmo is a little different from your average dinosaur..he doesn't like to hunt his food but prefers a good old fashion meal. The path to a healthy meal is not an easy one because Gizmo will have to pass through many obstacles and enemies to reach his goal. He is determined to reach the top or starve trying! Don't forget a healthy diet features a lot of fruits so be sure that Gizmo collects the apples and the other healthy fruits, they will give him the extra boost he needs. If you are a dinosaur loving, food enthusiast and love adventure you will feel just right helping out Gizmo. With your help he will be enjoying his meal soon and the food revolution will come to an end.

We hope you will like Food Revolution flash game and play Food Revolution game online.
Barbie school Fun icon
Barbie School Fun is a fun platform game. Help your favorite barbie cross her path by avoiding obstacles. Jump at the right time to take lift and avoid obstacles. You have 3 chance to survive each level. Have fun!
Monsters Date icon
Frankie Stein has to make a serious decision tonight: she was asked out by two guys this evening! Jackson Jekyll and Holt Hyde are both so cool and interesting. She has no idea whom to pick! Would you help her make up her mind? And after that she will surely need your advice on what to wear!
Intellectual Ghoulia Style icon
You can dress up Ghoulia Yelps with intellectuel style clothes. Ghoulia is very intelligent girl. She also loves fashion. Please dress up our smart girl Ghoulia with intellectuel style monster high clothes and costumes.
Pizza Treat icon
Kids going crazy over Pizza! For them, pizza is a daily treat. Serve different kind of Pizzas to kids and earn as much you can.
Earn daily and make successful business.
Instructions: Use mouse to play
Doggy Day Spa icon
Anastasia is a very loving pet owner. She loves her dog, Lulu, so much! She loves to play a game where she pretends she's a pet spa owner and she washes her and styles her hair. She even puts special accessories on Lulu when she's finished! Help Anastasia and Lulu play Doggy Day Spa in her backyard.
Sushi Go icon
Started to work in a restaurant as a new Chef, you have have to correct recipes and serve foods to customers and have 1-week trial for this in this entertaining Sushi Restaurant.
Barbie Fun Cafe icon
Barbie decided to open a hamburger cafe! Starting your own business is never easy, so she really needs your helping hand. Make hamburgers and drinks according to the customers' tastes, and Barbie will serve them. If you work fast and earn good money, you can upgrade the menu!
Super Kitchen icon
The neat and happy moments exuded so much joy that a duplicate of the scene was prepared. But on a closer look, the duplicate seemed to miss some elements of the original. Be a darling and spot the differences so that both the pictures get alike, but before the timer wipes out.

Instruction:Observe both the pictures and click the places that are different. The differences immediately disappear. You could find the remaining number of differences listed on the screen bottom. Dare not to make hasty and wrong clicks because they snatch your precious points.
Flower Shop Design icon
Jessie just opened up a brand new flower shop! Help her design her shop, display her flowers, and give her the perfect look for the grand opening!

Instruction: Use your mouse to click the categories and decorate the flower shop. Then dress up Jessie.
Gymnastics Competition icon
Lilly, Ella, and Sarah are participating in a Gymnastics Competition! Help them perform the tricks and go for the gold!

Instruction: Memorize the symbols you are shown and then use your mouse to draw the symbols in order to perform the tricks!
Make authentic icon
Do you like pad thai? Here you can learn how to make authentic pad thai! Follow the instructions to make this nice recipe at the beach! Have fun.

Controls: Use your mouse
Blind date Makeover icon
This beautiful girl is the only girl in her group that is single. All her BFFs had already got themselves a boyfriend. They felt sad for this girl and decided to setup a blind date! You are going to help them out! Have this girl a tour of the best makeover, makeup and a fit dress for her to get ready for this romantic event. She did not know that it is her crush to whom she will be dating! I am sure this will be her most romantic date ever! Have fun girls!
Sleepover Night icon
In this exciting dress up game you are about to play you will be helping these beautiful young girl find some gorgeous sleepover party outfits for her to wear. You will be able to choose from fabulous outfits and adorable shoes. Make sure to choose a comfortable outfit because this will be the most important thing for this night: the fun and comfort of the ladies. Enjoy mixing and matching fun outfits in this exciting dress up! Have fun with this game on!

Tags: sleepover, night, pajamas, girls, outfits, fashion games, dress up games, smalldressup games

Instructions: Use the mouse to click the category tabs to give the perfect outfit to this girl.
Monster School icon
Dress Code

Whom do you love the most from Monster High? Is it lovely Draculaura, fashionable Clawdeen, blondie Lagoona or funky Frankie? Make your favorite Monster High character by picking the right eyes, mouth, hairstyle and skin tone! Ready? Now choose a school outfit that your character would love to wear!
Make barbeque chicken icon
What do you think of chicken? Do you want to make delicious chicken? This is a good recipe to make barbeque chicken! Follow the instructions and make this recipe. Have fun.

Controls: Use your mouse
Jim Loves Mary icon
Jim and Mary are in love. But her parents are against their relationships! They need your help to meet secretly of their parents! Can you help them?
Mad Burger icon
Do you love burgers? So this game is for you! You have to help a chef cook to throw the burger as far as possible. Try to feed the hungry customers!
Rock Style icon
Dress Lilly up in some of her favorite styles from The Rundown of Everything That Really Matters and listen as she gives fashion tips!

Instruction: Use your mouse to click the items and dress up Lilly!
Polly Babysitter icon
Polly's parents away tonight and they told Polly to babysit with her little sister Kitty. Polly loves her cute little sister, but babysitting is not an easy job! She has lots of things to do, from bathing the baby to getting her to sleep. Polly needs to hurry, or little Kitty will cry!
Mia the Popstar icon
Help Mia get ready for her biggest concert. She is very nervous and needs you helpt to pick the best ourfit for this occasion. Choose from her wardrobe the clothes and the accessories that match in order to create a stunning look!
Cake Master icon
Jessica likes to bake cakes a lot. Help her to make career an bake her best cake. Increase and train Jessica´s cooking skills to become a chief cook. In Cook Master you have to prepare dainty cakes, pastries and decorate cakes with exotic fruit and finally cut them. After passing all the levels you´ll become a professional cook. Good luck!
Lovely Story icon
A beautiful and romantic story, but - somehow - now only on the photos. A lot of joyful and romantic moments but her beloved man isn't there near her. But he's already on his way, going through snow and blizzards to meet his love. Help to unite their hearts, go through all the ordeals and become a witness of a romantic story whose end is LOVE
Katy In Christmas icon
Dress Katy up for the ocasion and read more about her adventures at


Katy is exciting to have Christmas coming soon.
 Holiday Dinner icon
The family is getting together for the holidays and everyone wants a delicious Christmas Dinner. Help prepare and cook a perfect meal for everyone.
Party girl dress up icon
It's friday night and this cute girl needs your help to choose her clothes and accessories.
Her friends are waiting for her to go the the greatest party of the week.
Choose her clothes, make her hair and more, but don`t forget to match the clothes with the purse and shoes.
Controls: Use your mouse
Sasha the Popstar icon
Hi, there, Sasha here! Fashion and music are my life. I am happiest when I'm up on stage or when I'm designing clothes for my future fashion line. I love bold colors and funky styles and you can always find me wearing the biggest and brightest jewelry and clothes. Today I'm going on stage to perform and I've chosen you to help give me some style!
Female One icon
Dress up the female one piece in your mind!
Classify Accessories icon
Throw accessories to the bucket of the same color within a limited time! Remember aiming is important!
Instruction:Left mouse to aim and throw.
Flower Delivery Girl icon
Tammy is new in town and has a new job as a flower delivery girl. She uses her favorite red bike to do this and she really likes to ride it all day long and get to know her new town. Find the most comfortable and fashionable outfits so she could get a nice trip and a rich tip. You can also change her look with a new hairstyle and add some cool accessories that fit her clothes. Don't forget to also pick up a nice bunch of flowers for her to deliver. Tammy is ready, set, go to deliver flowers!
Secret of the wings icon
This is a fun game where based on Thinkerbell, where you will have to find the hidden objects inside the the images along three levels.
Fred Loves Girls icon
Fred loves girls. Help him to kiss as many girls as he can, but avoid the boys! Use mouse to control Fred. The speed will increase, how long can you keep avoiding?
Lena Dress Up icon
Lena is going to Munich for Oktoberfest! Mix traditional and modern clothes to create a cool new look for her in this German dress up game
Princess Memory icon
Help a princess get her memory back! Flick through the cards in this memory game and find all of her precious objects.
Nicki Mina icon
She’s got rainbow-colored hair, crazy outfits and the fastest raps around... she’s the one and only Nicki Minaj! Dress up the singer and rapper for her next big show in this celebrity dress up game.
Savage Sisters icon
When evil forces rise and threaten the peaceful people of the Rainbow Kingdom the Savage Sisters swing into action. Armed with bows, arrows, swords, staffs and the best fashion in the land these saucy sisters are ready to face evil head on and make it turn tail and run. Use your mouse to click on and through the floating clothing, hair, background, weapon and accessory options.
Jennifer Lopez Bike icon
Ride on your bike as Jennifer Lopez, and finish the tracks so fast as you can!

Controls: Arrow keys to drive.
Lonely No More 2 icon
The game continues where the first one left off. The guy is now in search of his lost girlfriend. Game-play will be similar to the first one with the user controlling two characters simultaneously. One character can jump higher and the other can jump farther. The goal can only be reached if the two characters work together. The black character moves left and right with the left and right arrow keys and jumps with up. The white character moves left and right with A and D and jumps with W. Get both characters to the goal to finish each level.
Shakira Makeover icon
World famous singer Shakira needs a cool and beautiful makeup for her new music video. It will be transmitted on MTV and, of course, on many other channels throughout the world. That's why Shakira must look spectacular!
Fun Flight icon
How do you think a flight attendant should look like? Look at this girl and let your fantasy work on her appearance! Create an image of a perfect flight attendant that would draw attention of the passengers by her beauty!
Fresh Flounder icon
Cook your own fresh flounder by using several ingredients and methods to complete the perfect meal.
Parachute Kissing icon
A nice young couple is in love but they are in seperate balloons. Bring the heart of the guy to his girlfriend so they are together. You have to be careful because otherwise the balloons will hit each other and crash.
Tasty Chocolates icon
Become an expect in baking as you master the art of making chocolates. Prepare each chocolate by following the steps needed to complete the perfect treats.
Forest Fruit Shop icon
Can you save the animals keeping them happy, and their proper food to serve?
Luigi Restaurants icon
Luigi opened his own restaurant. But he has no employees so he needs to do everything on his own. Luckily you can help him out. Serve your customers and keep them satisfied for a nice tip. Can you make Luigi's restaurant a succes?
Christmas Dinner icon
Christmas time is here,use all the ingredients to make the perfect turkey for your family.
Red Christmas Costumes icon
You can dress up this lovely blue eye girl with red christmas costumes.
Bratz Hidden Numbers icon
Intro about the game: Help Pixie Chatta to find the hidden numbers in the Dora The Explorer image. Purpose of the game: There is a picture given, your objective is to find the given below numbers which are hidden in the given picture. This game enables you to have full concentration in finding the numbers which are only lightly visible. How to play the game: This makes the game very simple to play and finish in time. You are to click with the mouse which resembles as a lense, point at the right spot where the number is seen. Some special tricks about the game play: See that you don't click the same spot twice or any area where there is no number.
Pretty Girl Makeover icon
The pretty girl will go dating with her bbfs. Before the dating, she has to make up and dress up with beauty. Now pls help her choose all the things and give her a pretty girl makeover!
Plaza Shopping icon
Have you ever tried Plaza Shopping Dresses? You would be really gentle, comfortable and stylish in this Dresses for this season. Try out these dresses in this collection then you believe in my words.
Gorgeous Pink Princess icon
The cute princess is dressing up herself. She wants to show her elegance. So many elaborate dresses, please help her to become a gougeous pink princess.
Charming Suits for Office icon
Have you ever tried Charming Suits for Office Dresses? You would be really gentle, comfortable and stylish in this Dresses for this season. Try out these dresses in this collection then you believe in my words.
Nelly girl Dress up icon
Nelly girl Dress up Game.
Swing Flying Girl icon
Dress this pretty girl who is having fun on a park swing! When you like your creation just easily print the result. Use the mouse to select clothes and accessories. Use the mouse to select clothes and accessories.
Baby Dress Up icon
There is a naked baby and you have to dress up this baby with nice accessories and clothes. You can also change the face of this baby if you like.
Nicole Scherzinger Dressup icon
She is a super well known singer. Who wouldn't want to be in her shoes? Girls, this is Nicole Scherzinger, she's beautiful and talented, and her concerts are a real blast! This is your chance to imagine what would it be like to be Nicole. She has a concert tonight, and she has to look her best.Would you like to help her out to chose her outfit for tonight?