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Racing Games

In racing games the player uses a motorized vehicle and aim faster than an opponent or beat a specified time. These vehicles can be cars, trucks, motorcyle or bicycles, powerboats, space or flight planes. The most played racing games are car racing or car driving games. In the car racing games the primary goal is to drive the car and reach the finish line againist time or opponent. There are sometimes secondary mode of the car games which is tuning up the car.

Racing games are mostly played on computers and either in the first or third person perspective. They may be real world racing challanges or fantastical racings and feature any type of air, land or sea vehicles. There are two main type of racing games, one is simulation and the other is arcade type of racing games.

Most Played Racing Games:

Driving games

Driving games do not aim a lap racing and focus on arcade style driving with goals, tasks and mini games. Most arcade style driving games replace lap times with check points.

Off-road racing games

Off-road racing is a type of racing where various classes of modified vehicles such as trucks, motorcycles, bicycles race through off-road environments like mountains or rivers.

Water racing games

Racing games that takes place on the sea or ocean or another water based racing arenas.

Racing role playing games

Racing games in which the player incorporates the elements of a RPG type, such as character attributes and levels.

Vehicular combat games

Vehicles are equipped with weapons to attack againist opponents or hit the opponents car and defeat the enemy cars are combat type racing games.

Miniature racing games

Racing game related to minature vehicles like toys or other mini racing cars.

Futuristic racing games

Racing games in space or science fiction environments with using hoverbike or alien spaceships and without following physical laws and moving with tremendous speeds.

Arcade racing games

Arcade racing games are not focused on reality. Those games put fun and a fast-paced experience above all else, as cars mostly compete through odd ways. Arcade racing games often license real cars and real racing leagues, but they are equally open to more exotic settings and vehicles. Arcade Races often take place on highways, windy roads or in cities; they can be multiple-lap circuits or point-to-point, with one or multiple checkpoints.

Kart racing games

Like in Mario Kart racing game series, these games introduce the ability to pick item some items during the race. Collecting these items boost racing performance of the player. There are small racing physics available in this games and attacking other players and hampering their progress is allowed.

Racing Simulators

In racing simulator games the producer often licence the real cars or racing leagues. These type of games involve high grade of driving skills. There are some items like traction control, steering assistance, anti-lock brakes, automatic gearbox, damage and clutch assistance in these games. Some of the racing simulator games are customizable and the fans can modify the cars and tracks.



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Racing Games

Shadow Road Trip icon
For many years this world was dark and lost in the evil. Now you’re lost in limbo and you need to find a way to break your fears and escape from this place. Complete all 12 levels of adventures and escape from this place. As the sole survivor of the nuclear war, you must embark on an ominous journey to pass the Shadow Road. Good luck!\r
Use arrow keys to drive and balance your car
Train Steam Western icon
Drive the steam train through the harsh western desert. Your goal is to get the ammo safely to the sheriff. On your way in each level adjust your speed to be able to safely pass all the obstacles. Don't speed up and try to balance your boxes and ammo in the trailer to keep them from falling out. Good luck and have fun!\r
Use arrow keys to drive and space bar to release the cargo into the wagon
Car Eats Car 3 icon
An evil clown mobile just stole his girlfriend’s pink car. Now it’s time for him to get it back.
Storm ATV Racing icon
Winter it's here so if you are up for a snow racing challenge, we got the perfect game for you. Prove your skills in this new winter driving challenge. Use arrow keys to balance and drive the unlocked ATVs. The game offers 10 intense and addicting levels, so do your best! Speed up and jump over obstacles on your way.And try to land safe and make it to the finish line. After each 3 levels won on first place you will unlock a new better and faster ATV. Be the best driver from the game, and have fun! Game Controls: Use arrow keys to steer and drive ATV.
Nitro Maniacs icon
The world famous Nitro race has begun. You are the least favorite to win. Show the world that you are better than everyone else by winning races unlocking awesome cars and dominating the tracks.Tags: cars, trucks, racing, rush, nitro, fun, fast
BMW Master icon
BMW Master is a great 3D racing game. You have chance to drive first in the world new BMW sport car, fantastic BMW i8.Drive your BMW i8 on the 5 different destinations and win all cup. You can drive in America, Spain, England, Germany and Russia. Becoma a BMW Master! Good luck.
The Green V12 icon
Prove your driving and parking skills in this new car parking challenge. Use arrow keys to drive and Space to brake your powerful Lamborghini. The game offers 18 hard parking spots and 10 intense levels. Test and improve your parking skill to the max. Play, have fun and enjoy the game. Good luck!Game Controls: Use arrow keys to balance and drive your car. Space to brake the car
Police Emergency icon
Description: Drive around the city in your police car and try to hurry up and park it near the building where a robbery is taking place. Then you will have to play a mini-game where you can use your Taser gun to catch all the thieves. As you progress in the game, the levels will become more challenging, so try to collect as many coins as possible and buy some very cool upgrades that will help you keep up. Have a wonderful time playing this amazing game!
Steam Train Challenge icon
Play online this new classing challenge with train called Steam Train Challenge games here on The old cargo train games offers 10 intense levels in witch you are tested with patience. On your way in each level adjust your speed to be able to safely pass all the obstacles. Use arrow keys to drive and space to release the cargo in the containers. Don't speed up touch and try to balance your boxes and barrels in the trailer to keep them from falling out. Enjoy the spooky atmosphere from this classic train game and good luck with all the levels!Have the bets time on the best game portal online Brightest!

Control: Use arrow keys to drive.Space to release the cargo in the containers.
TMNT Bike Zone icon
Teenage mutant ninja turtles are entering the bike zone! Turtles have a day off, after defeating Foot clan, so they decided to practice theirs bike riding skills. Splinter has made paths with different obstacles. So guys lets go on biking with TMNT in the bike zone!
Use Right arrow to accelerate. Press Up arrow to Jump. Press Space to Shoot. Press X to Use Item.
Rush Hour Bus icon
Drive and park around town in your bus, but watch out because it is rush hour! The traffic is intense and the streets are narrow, so you have to practice your skills in order to succeed. Make sure you take your passengers to their destination safely and before the time runs out. There are eight intense levels available to play and you have to complete all of them in order to win this game. Have an amazing time playing Rush Hour Bus!
Learn To Drive icon
Join the fun and test your parking skills in this awesome game called Learn To Drive. Grab your keys and take your car out for a ride, but first you must prove that you are a good driver. There are twelve intense levels this cool game has to offer and you will have to pass each and every one in order to win the game. At first you will have to learn the basics so things will be pretty easy but do not let yourself fooled because the difficulty of the tasks will constantly increase as you advance in the game. Drive around town, avoid heavy traffic and improve your abilities! Have fun!


Use your arrow keys to drive and your Space bar key to brake.
Supercar Challenge icon
Various tracks are waiting for you to drive on with your car. You can select car that you would like to drive. Drive carefully and be a champion. Race around the track against four other supercars, come to the finish line first to open up a new track. Prove your skills and win this tough racing competition.


UP – speed up DOWN – speed down LEFT – turn left RIGHT – turn right Z – break SPACE – pause
Red Driver 3 icon
Travel from Japan to New York. Try to beat all the objectives in each location. Objectives include slalom, dodging explosives and much more. Red Driver 3 as a new smooth handling experience, the graphics are improved and comes with new missions.


No Instructions Provided
Train Maze icon
The railway transportation is very busy. As the commander, you need to control the pathways. Let the train send goods to the right destination. Have fun!Instruction: Mouse to play.
Steam Train icon
Get ready for a new challenge from If you are a big fan of old heavy steam train, them we dare you to try this new challenge called Delivery steam train games. And see if you can manage to steer and deliver to the destination the required number of barrels and crates. You will use arrow keys to accelerate and balance the old steam train and must adjust your speed to safely pass all the obstacles on your way
Jungle Challange icon
If you are looking for a new free online game to test your adrenaline, here it is. An off road truck in a forest dirt challenge. Do you like off road races? Now it is your time to overcome your score and have a blast. Get in behind the wheel of this off road truck and drive it into the forest. You need to get to the finish line without damage it too much, otherwise you need to restart the level. Monster Truck Jungle Challenge offer you 8 intense levels full of adrenaline.
Site Stunts icon
Get ready for the a new intense and adrenalin pumping dirt motocross challenge. Vitalitygames has released a new driving and racing 3D bike game called Industrial Site Stunts games. Use arrow keys to steer and balance the dirt bikes in 10 intense levels and try to overcome all obstacles in your way. Adjust your speed, and speed up on ramps to be able to pick up just the right among of speed to jump over the boxes and crates. Climb the most tallest trucks and, crash the rusty old cars. Use space.
Rocky Rider 2 icon
Truck Games Car Games Monster Truck Games Racing Games Driving GamesDescriptionThe rocky ride is back! Racing games, car games, and truck games are fun and free games. Use the 3 cars in your garage to beat the rocky ride. Your main truck is a yellow jeep that can handle a lot but some road are tunnels. For those small tunnels you will need you small red sports car! If the road gets too tough you will need the 6 wheel monster. Race through the rocky ride with cool cars, trucks and lots of upgrades.InstructionsUse the arrow keys to drive, Z or M key to jump, and SPACEBAR to use special.
Physicar icon
Car Games Motorbike Games Physics Games Driving Games Action Games Keyboard GamesDescriptionJump in your vehicle and drive as fast as possible. Avoid dangerous obstacles and collect coins to upgrade and customize your car. Finish all 30 levels with the best time possible to receive three stars rating. Only the best drivers can collect all achievements and compete for top positions in Wall of Fame.InstructionsControls: AD\/left, right arrows-go left\/right WS\/up, down arrows-tilt the car Spacebar-break
Wood Cutters Mania icon

Description: Elks and trees. That's pretty much what Wood Cutters Mania is all about. Kind of like Canada! Control the Lumberjackmobile around the map and start cutting trees. Each log is worth 50$ and you will have to reach a certain amount of money on each level to be able to pass it. Only some of the trees on each map are marked as future. Once you get near a tree press the Z button and you'll trigger a tree cutting mini game. Transport the log back to the sawmill to collect the 50$ the log is worth!
Dragon Rush Racing icon
Delve into the world of dragons and dragon inspired car tuning and taste the speed of the most high performing cars in a race of honor. Try the rush of adrenaline and bring your reflexes to the limit in the high speed adventure at the outskirts of the city and towards the mountains were the dragon dwells.
HOW TO: Use the up arrow for acceleration and space bar for changing speed.
Urban Mayhem Truck icon

Description: Take down the town with Urban Mayhem Truck. Create chaos and disorder with your pro driving skills in this uphill racing game. Be dangerous and be confident in your extreme driving skills! Today you got the chance to choose and ride your awesome monster truck in this action racing game! Drive around 8 crazy levels crushing cars, running over trucks, launching off ramps and demolishing everything until you get to the finish line.
Wheelie King icon
Wheelie King is the ultimate wheelie endurance game! Keep your balance and manage your pace as you aim to perform the longest wheelie of all time! Endure humps and drops as you struggle against gravity. One false move and you'll be crashing into the ground! Lucky for you however, you have three lives at your disposal, so make the most of them!

Accelerate - Up arrow key.
Decelerate - Down arrow key.
Tilt left\/right - Left\/right arrow keys respectively.
Sim Taxi London icon
Sim Taxi London is bringing the classic taxi-driving game to an all-new location! Drive passengers to their destination, dodging cars, weaving past buses and taking tight turns! Make sure you take the shortest route you can, because if you take too long, your passengers won't pay you, and worse still, you'll waste precious gas! Best be careful too, because if your taxi takes too much damage, you'll have to pay for the repairs, too!

Accelerate - Up arrow key
Turn left\/right - Left\/right arrow keys
Reverse - Down arrow key
Brake - Spacebar
Select upgrades - Mouse
Pick Up Truck Racing icon
Pick Up Truck Racing pits you against nine other racers over twelve different courses! Twist, weave, nudge and shove your way to the front of the track, scraping through really tight corners along the way! Use your winnings to upgrade your car, giving you the edge to leave your opponents in the dust.

Accelerate - Up arrow key
Decelerate - Down arrow key
Turn left\/right - Left\/right arrow keys
Bus Controller icon
Bus Controller is a chaotic management game in which you're in control of a bustling city's bus interchange! Guide the fleet of buses to their respective stations without causing a crash! The more buses there are on the road, the crazier things get, so be sure park the buses as soon as you can, otherwise you'll lose control, and it'll all end in disaster!
Super Drift 2 icon
Put the pedal to the medal and floor it through the straights and drift around tough turns as you race your way around the world in the cars of your choosing. Unlock super cars as you race and win the race in each city to move on to the next. There are 6 cities and 6 extreme tracks to take on. Start in Aqua Coast and move to Overpass City, Maple Pass, Latin Falls, Akita Mountain, and finally finish your race in Neon Super Times. Select your drift mode easy or expert. Read how to master the drift for each mode inside the game. Enjoy taking a trip around the world in one super car after the other as you race for victory!

Choose your drifting style inside the game and follow the instructions for drifting based on what you choose. Use the arrow keys drive the cars. Use can use shift to drift or just use the arrow keys depending on what mode you choose. Enjoy!
18 Wheeler 3D icon
18 Wheeler 3D is one of the most challenging truck sim games around! Drive your way through ten levels, testing your driving skills to the limit. Weave through tight streets, crowded corners and sharp turns as you make your way to the parking bay - no easy feat when you have a heavy trailer following in your wake! Key is to take your time, and be sure to take advantage of your camera to get through the tight spots.

Accelerate - Up arrow key
Decelerate\/reverse - Down arrow key
Turn left\/right - Left\/right arrow keys
Change camera - 1,2 and 3 number keys
Ocean Drift Racing icon
Ocean Drift Racing challenges you to the ultimate aquatic race! Pit your wits against other motorboat racers, dodging a variety of dangerous obstacles along the way. Weave your way past rocks, bridges and spectators as you glide the seas on your way to the finishing line. Be careful, the other racers are in it for keeps, and they'll nudge and bash you out of their way to reach their goal!

Accelerate - Up Arrow Key
Decelerate - Down Arrow Key
Turn left\/right - Left\/Right Arrow Keys
School Bus Racing icon
School Bus Racing is a fun racing game that shows you just what school bus drivers get up to once their work is done! Weld on your nitro boosters, and race your way through ten increasingly challenging courses on your road to being the king of school bus racers! Buses aren't as nimble or manoeuvrable as your average car however, so take care when turning those tight corners!

Accelerate - Up arrow key
Decelerate - Down arrow key
Turn left\/right - Left\/right arrow keys
Nitro - Space
Surfer Boy icon
Play the boat race with this little surfer boy.
F1 Pit Stop Mania icon
Take part in an amazing F1 racing competition and try to be the first one to cross the finish line! Your fuel level will go down as you progress in the race, so you will be required to park at the pit stop and refill your gas tank. During the race you can also use nitro power to get you ahead of the competition. The nitro level is limited, but will regenerate when you are not using it. Between levels you can upgrade your car. Have a great time!
3D Muscle Car  icon
3D Muscle Car Race is the ultimate driving challenge in a stunning 3D environment with the most powerful muscle cars out there that will allow you to test and improve your racing and driving skills in a car ride that you will never forget.

CONTROLS: Use the arrow keys to drive.
3D Jeep Challenge icon
3D Jeep Challenge is a great racing game. Drive BMW X6, make a best result in 3 laps and after that challenge your friends
via email or facebook.
Jonny Backflip icon
Jonny backflip is the radical bike game we have all been waiting for! start up your engine and blast that gas to help jonny do lots of tricks and score some serious points. make use of the extensive upgrades shop and always be aiming for those elusive achievements.

Jonny backflip is an online motor jump game which can be played at for free. 100% of the visitors likes to play jonny backflip, and it is played 41 times now. please go to our race games section if you want to play more free online motor jump games!

Break The Speed Limit icon
Get in your brand new car and try to win all the races. Set the high scores and finish first to get to the next level. But try not to break the car or lose the race. We are sure that you are able to prove that you are the best once again.
How to: Use arrow keys to control your car.
Ferry Boat Parking icon
Have a wonderful adventure on your ferry boat and try to park it correctly before the time runs out. Search the sea for a treasure and try to find it as fast as possible, because your time is limited. Be very careful not to crash your ferry boat, because you might destroy it. Once you have all the treasure chests on board, unload them at the warehouse. There are eight amazing levels available for you to enjoy. Have a great time playing Ferry Boat Parking!
Monster Trucker 3D icon
Nothing puts on a show like a stampede of Monster Trucks tearing up the terrain! Bash your opponents into submission as you race towards the finishing line, flattening cars, flying over insane ramps, and navigating rough tracks! It's every man for himself, so watch your back if you want any chance of coming out on top!

Up arrow key: Accelerate
Down arrow key: Slow down\/reverse
Left\/right arrow keys: Turn left\/right.
Pyramid Moto Stunts icon
Pyramids are not only great landmarks for tourists to visit, but they could be used for some extreme moto stunts. Try to make incredible tricks, mixed up with front flips or backflips and get as many points as you can in all eight amazing levels. Be very fast as time is an important component of your score, collect as many golden coins as you can and do your best not to crash. Have a great time playing Pyramid Moto Stunts!
Off-Road Challenge icon
We have a brand new game for you. And we bring to you a new challenge. Start your engine and go on a off-road race with this awesome car. Destroy every target in your path and win all the levels.
How to: Use arrow keys to control your car.
Monster Challenge  icon
Monster challenge is a fun exciting game with upgrades.
You need to fill the fuel and upgrade your monster to win the race.
Upgrade your monster jeep engine, tyre, body and fuel to complete
the challenge. All the best!


Use arrow keys to drive
Spacebar to use nitro
Spider BMX icon
Have you ever seen a spider on a BMX? In this game you can help this spider on his BMX to collect a lot of coins and bike over all obstacles. Try to bike to the finish without falling! Succes.

Controls: Use the arrow keys
Extreme Motocross Star icon
The Extreme Motocross Star game is the new challenge in the motocross world. Choose your motorcycle and drive as fast as you can on a ruff terrain while competing against the best motocross pilots. Try to keep your balance and not to crash. Finish all the twelve levels available in the game and prove you are the best motocross pilot ever. Enjoy!
Fast 2 Speed Most  icon
Drive your car with maximum speed and be the winner on the finish pole , Avoid highway patrols don't let them catch you . Use Nos when needed !
Instructions: Use up and Down to accelerate and brake Use Left and Right to Lean Left/Right . Hit Space to use nos to boost speed
Diego Extreme Truck icon
Diego having an expedition trip to find coins of ancient artic using 4x4 truck , let help diego to complete this mission !
Food Battle Truck icon
The food trucks are at war and if you want your burger truck to be the best in the city, you have to take out all your competition. Search for them on the street and shoot them down until they explode. Pick up power ups to help you in your mission. You have to shoot all your targets without destroying your own vehicle and before the time runs out in order to win a level. There are eight exciting levels available for you to enjoy. Have a blast!

Use your arrow keys to move and your X key to shoot.

The hunger of power is a constant between these incredible trucks. you have probably seen them everywhere around your city, your good old burger truck, the hot dog trailer, the popcorn van, and other awesome trucks that sell hot chicken wings or delicious sausages. well, they all want to destroy their competition. in this very exciting game you are playing with the burger truck and you have to search all your opponents in the city and shoot them down. use your arrow keys to drive and your x key to shoot when you position yourself behind them. you have to take out three opponents before the time runs out in order to win a level, but you will have to be careful not to destroy your vehicle by crashing into other cars in traffic. there are some amazing power ups you can pick up, one that improves your health, one that gives you a protecting shield, one that gives you a speed boost so you can catch up to your targets and one that give you extra bullets. in the bottom part of the screen you can see your timer, health bar, bullets, the distance until your next target, the number of targets left and your current level. good luck!
Rapid Rampage icon
Do you like water racing sports? in this crazy game you are to come to the finish having completed the levels' tasks. earn money to buy upgrades and new vehicles. good luck!

Ride the waves in this water park themed stunt game. avoid explosives and do your best stunts to earn a big score! purchase items in the store and continue your quest to beat rapid rampage!

Arrow Keys - Steer

Rapid rampage: play rapid rampage game online for free. you can play the flash game at fullscreen mode.

Rapid rampage,race down these these rapids, performing stunts and upgrading your character and inflatable to gain the past score on your rampage.

Rapid rampage is an action game. in this game you'll do some stun on the high slider, but beware with object which might blocked your path, you must take care from those object and don't gonna fall there.

Race down these these rapids, performing stunts and upgrading your character and inflatable to gain the best score on your rampage.

Police Interceptor icon
Welcome officer. You are about to embark on your first dry training, let us get acquainted with the car. Use the arrow keys to accelerate, turn right and let and reverse first.

Have you ever wanted to train as a Police Interceptor? Well your time is here! See if you can complete all the set tasks, everything from driving at speed without hitting anything to performing the pit manoeuvre and driving on ice. You can get some real speed and even try hand break turns and blast your sirens to let the people know you're coming.

Use the arrow keys to drive. Spacebar to hand break and Ctrl to use the siren.
Ninja Motocross icon
Description: Are you Ninja? Prove it at this ninja Challenge race through difficult levels designed to bring out your inner Ninja!
Ninja Race is a challenging racing game to see if you are fit to walk the path of a ninja warrior. While anybody can drive a motorcycle, only ninja can perform crazy moves, stunts and jumps. Racing becomes only half the battle when you are faced with over 11 levels with different obstacles that only a true ninja can complete!

This game is also on the Googleplay Store for free!

Controls: Use the arrow keys
Milky Truck Parking icon
Category: Parking, Skill, Driving

Parking milk trucks is sensitive as delayed parking and crashing could spoil the milk and get deducted in your pay. Display your matchless driving prowess and park the truck in time so that you could take home a perfect salary or perhaps bonuses.

Use arrow keys to move your milk truck and space bar to apply brakes. Park your truck before the timer runs out.
Dimension: 600x500
Developed by
Quad Trials icon
Get on your quad and overcome challenging obstacles in nature.
School Bus License 3 icon
School Bus License 3 Levels:

Drive the bus and stop it at the bus station
Drive along the road until reach the bus station.
Give your way for the children on the zebra crossing.
Pick up the kids and transport them to the next station.
Follow the arrows
Slalom carefully
Oil on the road
Can you reverse?
Pull out then turn right twice but beware of traffic.

You must complete 20 levels with accuracy in order to determine if you have the skill and ability to hold a bus driving license do you have what it takes?
Turbo Racing 2 icon
Turbo racing 2 hits the streets at high speed with a license to burn rubber through oncoming traffic. if you want to win in style, don't forget to hit the turbo button to pass your racing rivals to unlock upgrades for your car and avoid being eliminated at the checkpoints! check out our roundup of the best racing games on miniclip!

Play turbo racing 2 on gamesfreak. enter pole position with this turbo charged 3d racing game with fantastic graphics. control your car with the arrow keys and hit x to turbo your way to victory.

Enter the racing track and try to beat your opponents, fun 3d racing game, try to be the champion.

If you like super fast cars this game is a must. try to win the race as the one who finishes last will not be allowed to race any more.

Be faster than all the other racers in this cool 3d game.
Drifters icon
Drifters, where it's not just about your ability to race but how well you can drift the corners and keep control of the car. Do you have the patience and skill to become the ultimate drifting champion, through 5 action packed 3D levels.
Power Rangers Motocross icon
Power Rangers Motocross is an amazing motorbike racing game where you must finish the race in a limited time. There is an hard road and you must jump over the platforms and compete with your mirror image.

Power Rangers Motocross is beginning.You want to unlock game character,you must finish your task successfully,go to next level.then you can lock the character.the game has eight levels in all.GO!GO!Power Rangers!

Control: Keyboard to play.
Heavy Jumper 4x4 icon
This is an amazing 4x4 off-road racing game and you will like to play this driving game online. Looking online for some modified car or truck game with smashing and speed addicting levels?

Play Heavy Jumper 4x4 here with challengin 12 levels and drive this mega truck in an interesting truck. Then you came to the right place our latest exclusive HEAVY JUMPER 4X4 game it’s released. Race a modified car with big wheels and powerful engine and drive it in 12 challenging levels where you learn how to jump and control a flaying 4X4 monster truck car. Jump over holes using space and arrow keys in steering the modified car. Speed up when you have to jump and brake down to avoid heavy collision with all obstacles from levels. Prove and improve your driving skills playing online driving car games and having fun with modified cars. Enjoy smashing in high speed boxes and break them to be able to pass them. Good luck and have fun in becoming the ultimate car driver from this new HEAVY JUMPER 4X4 games.

Control: Use arrow keys to steer and drive your car and press Space to jump over obstacles.
Bigfoot Go Home icon
Race with the big Monster Truck to find the way back home. Earn money and complete 45 levels. Perform backflips to earn more money. If you drive to fast you will loose money. Control the speed of the monster truck and unlock new levels. Buy the upgrades to disable speed limiter and improve the handling. There are 6 different scenes even with rain.

Use the arrow keys or A and D key to drive.

Play this amazing online Bigfoot Go Home flash game and race againist your opponents, try to finish the race line and comlete the levels.
3D Sport Rampage icon
3D Sport Rampage is three dimensional flash racing game. First click to start game and you will see some upgrades on the firts page. There are acceleration, top speed, handling and braking upgrade with costs. You will earn money from the games and then upgrade you car with this power ups.

After starting race, you will see many objects and competitor cars on the road. 3D Sport Rampage game has an exciting racing game where you will find many collectable objects on the track and many objects to avoid. You will then finish the games and win the race in the first place. 3D Sport Rampage gives upgrades and you can buy those upgrades with buying your coins after each level ended.
Road Bandits icon
Play Road Bandits game and enjoy this road race and action game online. After starting the game you will see there are some trucks are moving in front of you. You will see a timer on the right bottom of the screen. You can collect many objects on the road and this objects give you some upgrades like fuel or more. Road Bandits game offers you 8 levels and you can drive your car before the time runs out. Collect the power ups which helps you for health, extra speed and more.

Road Bandits flash game is free to play and you will like this action and driving game if you play more and stay on the computer a lot.
License For Mayhem icon
In License For Mayhem game you are controlling a police car and try to get a license for being a good police. You are first choosing your pursuit car and start to drive your car by control keys. Dive into the streets and drive your car by showing your driving skills. License For Mayhem game offers you to gain money from those actions and you will have a chance to upgrade your car. So bu upgrading your car in License For Mayhem game you can drive more accurately and fast. This is a funny game for you if you like driving and action games together.
Coaster Race 3 icon
Drive into your car and start to race on the floating tracks where you will see roller coaster. Finish the race at the first place while playing Coaster Race 3 game! Upgrade your car and improve the performance with buying a brand new bike or a formula1 car. Play this amazing race game Coaster Race 3 free and online.

Use WASD or Arrow keys to drive your car, Z or M to build up nitro, X or N to use nitro boost.

Feel the adrenaline while pumping as you go up and down this exiting tracks.

Everything on Coaster Race 3 game is dynamic and realistic, so you must be ready to drive on railways, or dive into dangerous tunnels without falling off the bottom. The objective ofCoaster Race 3 game is to finish the race in the first place. You must upgrade your acceleration, nitro, breaks and more elements of your car if you want to get ahead of the Coaster Race 3 game.

Select your primary vehicle and start to race your way across a series of floating rollercoaster tracks.

This is the third version of the funny and addicting racing game where you can challenge your opponents in a buggy or a bike or a F3 machine. Try to race your favorite vehicle as fast as you can along the wild coaster tracks.

Controls: Arrows / WASD = Drive, X / N = Nitro Boost
Motocross Mountain Madness icon
Motocross Mountain Madness is an awesome motocross game and you will play again and again. This bike controlling game is free and contolling this motorbike is very difficult. You will test your driving and racing skills on Motocross Mountain Madness game. You will be waiting for easy and hard challenges and you will be compete again the game players around the world to get the highest scores.

Motocross Mountain Madness has 23 levels and there are 5 levels to be unlock at the first. Use the control keys to balance your motorbike and try to reach the finish line. Using up and down keys you can accelerate and jump over the obstacles.

Motocross Mountain Madness is a free bike driving game where you will show your skills or improve your driving skills.
There is also hard mode when you learn the tricks of this motocross game.
Luxury Car icon
Lara is more of tomboy that loves to help you out with tuning up the car. She is all about the technical details and a great tuned car for he means on that has leveled up.

At the beginning of the game you will see a damaged car and you need to tune up this car in a correct way. By using the tools you will repair and then dive into a race with your car.

You are the mechanic in the Luxury Cars Tuning Shop and will fix and tune the cars of lovely girls, but make sure you choose the right upgrades cause you need much positive attitude from the girls to get to the next one.

HOW TO: left mouse click to select, up arrow to drive the car
Monster Stunts icon
The Monster Stunts game show crashes into a town! Witness your life threatening stunts, perform at high speeds, across all types of dangerous terrain - in a beast made from scrap metal known as the Monster Truck.

Instructions: Use arrow keys to drive and use space bar for nitro. Use the A, W, and D keys to perform stunts.

Ready to show your extreme driving skills for the visitors? Monster Stunts game will give you such opportunity to show your skills! Try to jump from ramps, complete the missions and use amazing tricks in this off road game!

Best stunts will take your breath away in this racing stunts game. Drive these monster trucks at the maximum speed, try to accelerate and jump over the platforms at the right moment to do the most amazing stunts. Road are pretty bumpy so try to keep your balance over the roads and get the medal waiting for your at the finish line.

Monster Stunts game is the one of the best stunts driving game and you can find similar games in the off-road games section. Monster Stunts racing game is a flash game and free to play.
School Bus License 2 icon
School Bus License is back! If you loved the first one and would like to keep those driving skills up to date, then get stuck into School Bus License 2. Practice everything from parking, reversing and your mental skills of patience all while trying to get that ultimate qualification. If that's not enough for you, you can even compete with others players by submitting your score or pass level to our leader board.
Use the arrow keys to drive, but make sure you don't hit anything or you'll fail.
Parking Lot icon
With full throttle in an off-the-record racing place, this new adventurous game promises a great time racing around in the illegal parking lot. Enjoy and experience the adrenaline pumping as you race to the finish line and complete laps in record time!
Hollywood Skyscrapers icon
Hollywood Skyscrapers car racing game, play online this amazing flash game and try to win the race and beat your opponents.
Toy Traffic Control  icon
Fun Toy Traffic Control Game is here with superb graphics and with a new theme. You have to control the traffic and win all the levels in the game. Click on the signal to stop traffic and click again to move the traffic. Clear the assigned target assigned to you in each level. Use mouse to control Traffic. Have a great pleasure playing it!!
3D Sport Rampage icon
Prepare for the best race you have ever took part at. Best graphics and awesome upgrades in the most unique 3D driving car game. See if you can gather the money and buy all the cool upgrades to be the best of the best at this sport. Prove yourself by participating in the racing rampage with your sport car and be a winner.

CONTROLS: Use the arrow keys to move.
Park my Train icon
Aim of the Park my Train game is to take the trains to their destination. Want to run a railroad? Guide trains to their destinations by managing direction and switches.
Pick up cars, avoid the express and make it to the station!
Ragdoll Truck icon
Ragdoll Truck its a new skill driving truck delivery game.
Rider Of The Year icon
To win the rider of the year trophy you have to win all 10 levels.Once you pass a level successfully you will get certified and can move to the next level.


Collect coins to increase the speed and finish the level in given time.
Muscle Car Racer icon
Experience new challenging tracks in Muscle Car Racer game. Take your car to the start line of each level to race against the best racers. Drive as fast as possible to finish all the seven levels available in the game. Try not to hit your car into the others or into the road sides. Be the first one who touches the finish line in each level to prove you are the best muscle car driver ever. Enjoy!
Epic Rail icon
In this epic rail game you have to control the train track junctions and send the trains into the correct station paths. You have to make sure that all the incoming trains must go to their stations in safe and it is important that they do not crash. This Epic rail game is a very popular and the latest railway game from miniclip, you will be very interesting to play this amazing train controlling game.
McRae Cup icon
McRae Cup is a great 3D racing game. Drive McRae R4 and your objective is to beat out all of the other
racers and finish first in the race.
Heavy Truck Arena icon
These heavy trucks are very powerful, but you can win a battle against them if you are skilled enough as a driver. You can choose your truck and upgrade it over time or buy new ones with the cash you make. Destroy your opponents and try to be the last one standing. You will be able to pick up power ups to help you in your mission. Try to complete all fifteen incredible levels and conquer this heavy truck arena battle! Have a lot of fun!
4 Wheeler Challenge icon
Play this Big Whell gama, and race against the obstacles through 10 levels of intense driving. Test your skills and do not crash.


Arrow keys to move.
Mountain Ride 2 icon
Do you like to cross on a Motor? Ride on your motor in the mountains and try to collect stars. Do also tricks to get more points. Have fun!

Controls: Use the arrow keys
Stick Out BMX icon
Ride your Favourite Stick Out on BMX to
complete the challenging levels,
Use space bar to jump and avoid obstacles.
You have 3 lives in each level. Have Fun!

Help : Arrow keys to ride and space bar to jump