Sports Games: Sports games are computer or video games that simulates the playing of traditional style of sports. Most sports games are including athletics, team sports and extreme sports. Sports games require physical and tactical competitions and examine the player's accuracy and precision. Most of the sports games model the athletic characteristics involved by that sport, including accuracy, speed, acceleration, strength etc. Mostly these games take place in an arena or stadium with clear boundaries. You can find these sports games in Football, Basketball, Wrestling, Ping Pong, Winter Sports, Summer Sports, Volleyball, Golf, Tennis, Baseball, Olympics, Shooting games. 

Dress Up Games: Dress up games are the most popular and very original type of online games in internet world. In this website we have selected the best makeover games, fashion and the clothing games. Our dressing game collection is composed of simulation games, decoration games, celebrity dress up games, role playing and pets games. Some of them having musics or dancing themes inside. You can also print out your design when finished so that you can show your friends your collection. Most Known Types of Dress Up Games: Doctor and Nurse Dress Up Games, House and Room Decoration Games, School and Student Dress up Games, Celebrities Dress Up Free Games, Tea party games, Wedding and Bride Dress Up, Pirates Dress up games, Superheros dress up, Kings and Queens dress up games.

Adventure Games: Adventure Games are video games where the players assume the role of a leader in an interactive story which is driven by exploration and puzzle solving instead of physical competitions like combat battles. Adventure games include a wide variety of literary genres, including mystery, horror, science fiction, fantasy and comedy factors. Mostly adventure games designed for a single player. Most known type of adventure games: Puzzle or problem solving adventure games, Narrative or interactive story adventure games, Exploration type of adventure games, Character or hero role playing adventure games, Collection or manipulation of objects, Fantasy worlds or immersive environments adventures Mysterical adventure game

Casino Games: Casino games are games that are typically found in brick and mortar casinos that you can now play online. These are games of chance for the most part with little to no skill involved. A couple of games like blackjack and poker do have an element of skill involved. However in most of the games like craps, roulette and slots players rely on the roll of the dice or the random spinning of wheels. Slot machines are the most popular casino games and now offer a variety of themes. TV shows, movies, and game shows are among the many themes used for slot machines. An interesting twist online is that you can play some of the slots for free.

Driving Games: A racing games are a genre of video and computer games. They may be based on anything from real world racing leagues to entirely fantastical settings. They feature any type of geographical land, air, or sea vehicles such as cars, bicycles, trucks or ships. In website you can find hundreds of Windows racing games, strategy games, action games and other popular games.

Multiplayer Games: Multiplayer games are played by several game players. These players might be independent opponents, become together to form in teams or be just a single gamer competed against the game. If cooperation between different gamers is allowed, the game will be more complex. 

Action Games: Action games are video games that emphasize physical competetions, including reaction time and hand-eye coordination. These kind of games include first person platform games, fighting games, shooter games and battle games. In war style action games, the game player controls the leader of a team or the protagonist character of the game. This main character collect objects, avoid obstacles, battle with enemies and navigate the game levels. When the level ends, character goes to a new level and challange the hardest battles with the new characters. Action games characters or avatar's health and lives depleted from the enemy attacks or touching with some obstacles. The game is over when the lives of the player runs out. The player win the game when finished a sequence of levels. Most of the action games can be unbeatable and having an infinite number of levels so the player concentrate on maximizing his/her score by collecting objects and fighting with enemies.

Types of Action Games: Beat 'em up Games, Fighting games, Maze Games, Platform games, Rhythm action games, Shooter games etc.

Board Games: Board game is a type of game where the pieces of the game are placed on a specific surface for that game. This piece is called board and games played on board are called board games. Board games may be very basic games like checkers or very complicated games like Chess or Cluedo. Most of the board games are played on computer with single player or with other players. The opponents may be the computer or any other human players on the same network. In multiplayer network games the player can the the opponents' movements and estimate their tactics to create his own strategy. Board games can be played the age from 3 to 90. For every age group there are different type of board games. 

Fighting games: In video fighting games the player control the hero character and engages in close combat with opponents. These combats may be againist to one or more opponents. Opponent characters on fighting games tend to be of equal power with you. One-on-one combats may take place in an arena and the fight matches consist of several rounds. There may be master attack and defence techniques for each different player like counter-attacking, blocking or chaining together. For the early 1990s, the most popular fighting games there are special attacks by perfoming specific button variations. Fighting games are a type of action games. In these games two different on screen characters combat one-on-one. The special moves for fighting games are triggered using rapid series of joystick movements or button presses. These games may played on 2D or 3D environments. Street Fighter is the most popular and most known fighting game ever. There may be special moves, hand to hand combat and also some special weapons can be used in Street Fighter games.